I am still confused, what is Instalink?

You can think of Instalink as a dedicated web page, that is essentially a link directory. Your Instalink profile is a webpage that holds links that you can add, change and remove.

Why would I need something like Instalink?

Lets say you printed business cards with a url to your Facebook page, but a few months later, you delete your Facebook page. Now your business cards contain a link to your Facebook page that no longer exists. By creating business cards with your Instalink url, this issue could of been avoided by simply removing your Facebook page from your Instalink webpage.

Is Instalink affiliated with Instagram?

No, Instalink is not affiliated with Instagram however adding a Instalink URL to an Instagram profile is a great use for an Instalink.

Do I need an app to view Instalink profiles?

Nope! Any body can view Instalink profiles since they are mobile responsive web pages.

Why do I need to download the Instalink app?

The Instalink app acts as your link manager and webpage builder.